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Tiffany & Co. bought Aber Resources Ltd., part owner of a minority stake in the Canadian diamond projects in order to ensure a stable supply for the jewelry company's growing manufacturing business. enamel jewelry Arbor is headquartered in New York, Tiffany, which sells jewelry, crystal and other luxury goods at its namesake stores, will purchase $ 69,700,000 14.3% of the shares. The deal marks the ANA ysts say what may be the first time the retailer has taken a significant stake in a mining company.

In 1889, Charles Tiffany and other 100th anniversary of the New York Mercantile presented a scroll signed by President Benjamin Harrison marked the inauguration of George Washington. cute jewelry A century later, the reel is not because it came in a container almost remarkable: an intricately decorated silver cylinder.

Tiffany & Co. issued a disappointing earnings forecast on Friday reported lower US same-store sales during the holiday season, suggesting shaky consumer spending is taking charge of the luxury industry. Jewelry retailer, its shares tumbled 11 percent, said it was analyzing its fiscal year sales and earnings next month, due to sluggish demand, wary at its US stores and consumers. "We believe that the recent pullback America

Staples said its fiscal first-quarter profit rose 50 percent, higher than analysts had expected slightly more, tiffanys online sales of office products to small businesses surged. Lloyd Cos., LIMITED company and Tiffany & company also announced strong results, joining other retailers from the strong US economy to give consumers extra cash to spend. Staples, the largest office supplies supermarket operator profits, says net income increased to $ 31.3 million, or 12 cents diluted earnings per share, from $ 20.

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Colombian designer Paula Mendoza is inspired by the ancient culture interest in history and mythology. the new collection is from Paul Mendoza a reminiscent of ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra. luxury jewelry we all know that snakes are a reasonable Cleopatra symbol (she always associated with them), because we see a lot of movies and books, including the Queen playing with them or wearing snake inspired jewelry. Egyptian cobra is considered a symbol of power dynasty pharaoh, and the last was killed by a snake bite Queen. Therefore, the latest Paula Mendoza's jewelry collection reminds me of those "Queen snake", which is gathered by balls of different sizes together for me. All exhibited works are great, but each jewelry looks lightweight, easy to wear and look cute.